The Elite League’s Stay and Play Model Works

by Haley Hoag

"The Elite League and MN High School Hockey have a proven track record of elite development and producing NHL caliber players, as such, the need to leave these programs early in order to properly develop is a myth, and unnecessary. Getting to the NHL is a marathon and not a sprint, remaining with your high school program is highly unlikely to hinder your development, and provides you with the benefits of graduating with your class while playing in the strongest 16-18 year old league in North America.  I believe VERY strongly about MN HS hockey and the Elite League."

-Keith Hendrickson, Vegas Golden Knights Scout


Other MN Elite League alumni in the 2020 draft -  Jake Boltman, Team SIT. Wyatt Kaiser, Mpls St Paul Mag.  Jack Smith, Sanford Health. Blake Biondi, Corner Home Medical.  Mason Langenbrunner, Velocity. Joe Miller, Team TDS. Tyler Kleven, Sanford Health. Jackson Kunz, Sanford Health.