A High School Treasure

by Elite League

Over 75 different High Schools have players playing in the Upper Midwest High School Elite League.

High School Hockey and the Elite League have a proven track record of elite development and producing NHL caliber players, as such, the need to leave these programs early in order to properly develop is a myth, and unnecessary. Getting to the NHL is a marathon and not a sprint, remaining with your high school program is highly unlikely to hinder your development, and provides you with the benefits of graduating with your class while playing in the strongest high school league in North America.

Elite League Mission:

Hockey Development

The High School Elite League is a proven path to critical exposure. Colleges, Junior leagues, and professional scouts attend every one of our games. Players can expect to receive feedback from colleges, Junior Leagues, and professional scouts regarding their own progress.

Personal Development

The league also provides something that is less tangible than achievement, but, we believe, equally critical. The player gets to experience high school, just like everybody his age. There is merit in these regular high school activities to balance out the dedication, determination, and sometimes even stressful pressures of hockey at this Elite level of hockey.